Bulk DVDs: Life's Greater Purpose 10 + 5 Free

Bulk DVDs: Life's Greater Purpose 10 + 5 Free

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We thank God for your support, and for the greater work that Jesus did on the cross that gives us our lifelong mission of making disciples of all the nations.

Receive 5 FREE DVDs
for every bundle of 10 DVDs ordered!

Get an up close and personal view of Nick's life. Meet his parents and see his baby pictures. What was it like growing up? Did he have friends at school? How did he eat and play? Your questions will be answered as you watch great footage of Nick in different places at different stages of his life. This mini-documentary is touching, heart-warming, humorous, and will inspire people of any age!

Other special features include a message by Nick speaking to a youth audience encouraging positive self-esteem and purpose, all based on Biblical truths and principals; watch fascinating highlights of his 2006 tour in Asia; and finally, a from-the-heart personal message from Nick.

- Nick's Story Growing Up (10-minutes)
- Up Close (17 minutes)
- Inspirational Message (38 minutes)
- Asian Tour Highlights (13 minutes)

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Orders may take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.